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Have a particular animal in mind that's not currently in our shelter?
Sign up today for automatic email alerts notifying you when a particular animal becomes available. This is a new feature to our website that links you directly to our animal database. You'll know first thing when the animal fitting your taste hits our adoption floor!

Narrow your search by characteristics such as:
  • Species
  • Gender
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Color
  • ...and more!

This is a fun new way to find the perfect pet for your home and we hope it will be a great service for potential adopters and our beloved pets waiting for their forever home!

Note: Please do not rely on Breed Interest e-mail service as your sole source for finding your pet. Visual breed identification is highly unreliable, so breeds can sometimes be misidentified as other similar breeds. The best way to find a new pet is to visit the Capital Area Humane Society and meet the animals in person.


Will my email address be sold or used for any purpose other than these alerts? No. The CAHS Animal Alert system is a self-contained mechanism that emails you on its own. We will not share your email address or utilize it in any way other than to allow it to notify you of newly available animals. If you would like to be notified of other shelter events, please let us know by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Can I unsubscribe at any time? Yes. Each email you receive contains a link that will allow you to immediately unsubscribe from the CAHS Animal Alert system. Simply click on that link (or paste the link in a browser) and confirm when you choose to unsubscribe.

How frequently am I notified and when? The CAHS Animal Alert system is set to email you once daily in the morning for each newly available animal. You will receive a separate email for each animal. For example, if you receive 3 emails in one morning, it is because there are 3 newly available animals fitting your criteria.

Why haven't I received anything even though I signed up a while ago? CAHS Animal Alerts only send when a new animal fitting the characteristics you've submitted becomes newly available on our adoption floor. If you haven't received notice, it's because we haven't gotten an animal fitting your criteria. People looking for a rare breed or very specific characteristics may have to wait a long time before receiving an alert - or may never get one. We can't control what is surrendered to our shelter.

Why haven't I received an email alert for the animal I saw available when I signed up? The CAHS Animal Alert system will only notify you when a new animal becomes available. The system assumes you've already looked and haven't found the animal you seek. If you haven't already looked, please CLICK HERE to see the animals we currently have available.

I didn't receive an alert today for an animal I was notified about yesterday. Has that animal been adopted? Maybe. You'll have to go to our website to check for sure. The CAHS Animal Alert system is set to only notify you of a single animal once. It is set up this way so you won't be spammed daily with animals you've already determined aren't right for you.

Does receiving a notification reserve an animal for me? No. Alerts are not exclusive and therefore may not be unique to you. If someone else has signed up and selected the same characteristics, they're being notified of the same animals. Also, you are required to fill out an adoption profile and meet with an adoption counselor in order to take any animal home - receiving an alert does not automatically qualify you as a potential home.

Why are the ages of the animals so high? Age, as it is listed in the CAHS Animal Alert system, goes by months, not years. Divide the number in your email alert by 12 to get the age in years (e.g. an animal listed as "84" is seven years old).

I'm looking for a pure bred animal and I'm receiving notifications of mixed breed animals. What gives? The CAHS Animal Alert system doesn't distinguish between a pure breed and mixed. For example, if you've specified you're looking for a Husky, you will receive any dog with Husky as the primary breed. Dogs you receive could be pure Husky or they could be Husky mixes with other breeds.

PLEASE NOTE: This email alert system was developed by generous volunteers who donated many hours of their time. In testing, the system seemed to work without issue. If it does not work to your liking, you may unsubscribe at any time and we encourage you to check our website often as new animals become available daily. Thank you!