The Capital Area Humane Society is in the final phase of its Creating Hope, Completing Families capital campaign.

The campaign will fund the following:

CAHS-HouseIconAsset 4

Home-like dog and puppy adoption

CAHS-RainIconAsset 5

New flooring system to facilitate
proper cleaning

CAHS-DogIconAsset 6

New animal enrichment areas,
designed for exercise and play

CAHS-LaundryIconAsset 7

High-capacity laundry and food
preparation areas

CAHS-HandHeartIconAsset 8

A warm and inviting space for adoptive families, volunteers, and staff


Animal welfare is at the forefront of everything we do at the Capital Area Humane Society. We fully understand the needs of shelter animals and acknowledge that our facility is not adequate to carry our services into the future. As leaders in our industry, we understand it is necessary to make improvements to enable us to grow, save more lives, and educate the community about proper animal care.

The Creating Hope, Completing Families Campaign will focus on providing state-of-the-art dog and puppy housing, with an emphasis on reducing stress and disease transmission.


You can help us achieve these goals by supporting this capital campaign through:

  • GIFTS OF CASH: The easiest and most direct way of supporting this campaign is a gift of cash.
  • SCHEDULE A MONTHLY GIFT: Recognizing that many caring people may not have the capacity to make a sizable gift at any one time, we suggest the alternative of making a smaller gift on a monthly basis.
  • MATCHING GIFTS: Many corporate employers will match their employees’ gift to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. If your company has such a program, please request their matching gift form and send the completed form to us. We will take care of the rest.
  • GIFTS OF STOCK: Avoid capital gains through a gift of highly appreciated stock, while taking a full-value deduction on your tax returns.
  • NAMING OPPORTUNITIES: Contact us to claim a naming opportunity at CAHS for yourself, a beloved pet, or a loved one you wish to honor.
  • QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTIONS: If you’re over age 70½, you can meet the required minimum distribution from your IRA by making a qualified charitable distribution of up to $100,000 per year; you’ll also lessen your taxable income.
  • A MULTI-YEAR PLEDGE COMMITMENT: May be payable over a three-year period.

The Capital Area Humane Society is a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Accordingly, your charitable gift is tax-deductible.

Just a few of the reasons why you can feel good about donating to us:

  • We rehabilitate animals with health and behavior issues. We do not euthanize based on space or time constraints.
  • Our behavior team is highly trained and works with each animal in our care, providing daily enrichment to fit each animal’s needs.
  • We are responsible for the region’s most comprehensive spay and neuter program, with an off-site location dedicated to these surgeries.
  • CAHS provides a full range of humane education programs, including camps and reading clubs.
  • Our adoptable animals receive medical care and treatment from our veterinary team, which includes three veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians.
  • We have an extensive volunteer program, with volunteers donating over 36,000 hours of their time each year.
  • Capital Area Humane Society is a local nonprofit organization. We are not affiliated with any other organizations, nor do we receive government funding or tax dollars.


Founded in 1936, CAHS has been serving the Greater Lansing area for over 85 years. We are an animal-welfare organization with a mission to promote the humane treatment of companion animals through protection, placement, education and example. We serve the tri-county region of Eaton, Clinton, and Ingham and beyond.

If you have any questions about current programs, future goals, or are interested in volunteering, fostering, or donating to our animals, please let us know!

Julia Willson
President and CEO
(517) 626-6060 ext. 117
[email protected]

Jamie Matwiczyk
Director of Development
(517) 626-6060 ext. 120
[email protected]