As of June 1, 2023:

Over the past several years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the cost of care for homeless pets, especially medical costs, which necessitates an increase in our adoption fees. We understand this decision may raise concerns from our community, as well as be a little frustrating. We believe it is crucial to sustain the quality of care we provide to our pets and ensure their well-being.

Our mission requires significant financial resources to cover various expenses, including food, housing, enrichment, and medical treatments. At CAHS, we strive to provide extra medical care to those pets who need it. Unfortunately, the costs associated with providing veterinary care to our rescued pets have risen exponentially. Factors, such as inflation, escalating medication and treatment costs, and an increasing demand for specialized care have considerably impacted our budget.

In order to maintain the highest standard of care, and continue our efforts in saving and rehoming pets, it has become necessary to adjust our adoption prices. By doing so, we can help to alleviate the strain on our limited resources and guarantee every animal receives excellent medical attention. 

It is important to note that these increased adoption fees continue to be in line with other shelters and rescues. In addition, these fees still represent only a fraction of the funds that we spend on each homeless pet who comes through our doors. On average, CAHS spends $390+ per pet. The average adoption fee is $90. Medical expenses for pets needing specialized care can cost $500-$1,000, and many times more than that. We do not add this additional cost to the pet’s adoption fee. Increasing adoption fees by $25 for kittens, adult cats, and adult dogs will help to cover some of the mounting costs of vaccinations, spaying/neutering procedures, microchipping, and potential emergency medical treatments. CAHS is very proud that we have not had to raise our adoption prices, with the exception of puppy fees, in over 10 years.  

Your support means the world to us and the animals we serve. By adopting from our shelter, or contributing in any way you can, you play an important role in helping sustain our mission. Together, we can ensure that every pet receives the care and love they deserve.

Kittens and Cats

Kittens under 5 months of age $150
Cats 5 months and older $75
Cats 7 years and older $25

*All felines are Adopt One, Get One 1/2 Off!

Puppies and Dogs

Puppies under 5 months of age $300
Dogs 5 months and older $200
Dogs 7 years and older $125


Other Pets

Chinchillas $65
Ferrets $65
Rabbits $40
Cockatiels and Love Birds $10
Gerbils and Hamsters $5
Guinea Pigs $5
Mice and Rats $5
Small Birds (Canary, Finch, Parakeet) $5

*Cages are not included in any adoption

Animals up for adoption have received:

  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Vaccines and preventatives (up-to-date, based on age)
  • A microchip

To learn more about why we charge adoption fees, click here.