What do I do with a stray animal I found?

CAHS does not accept strays. Stray animals must be reported to and/or dropped off at the animal control agency in the county which the animal was found.

Is the CAHS Spay and Neuter Clinic also a veterinary clinic?

No. The CAHS S/N Clinic does not provide wellness care, treat sick or injured animals, nor perform surgery of any kind other than spay or neuter. Please contact your local veterinarian or emergency clinic.

Do the medical practices at the CAHS S/N Clinic differ from anywhere else?

CAHS employs licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians who perform the same medical practices and standards of care you will find any other location performing spay/neuter. The only difference is our staff have received special training in high-volume surgical environments.

I have an animal to surrender. Why is there a waiting list?

On average, CAHS takes in nearly 6 dogs and more than 8 cats every day we’re open. Since we do not euthanize for space or time, we do not have the physical space to admit an unlimited number of animals.

Does CAHS pick and choose which animals are admitted?

No. We help every animal in need that we can within our resources available. We do not turn away a companion animal because of its age, breed, or condition.