How much of my gift goes to the animals?

100% of all money donated is directed to programs and services supporting homeless animals in need. Breaking down CAHS expenses, an average of 80% of all expenses support direct animals services, 8% is attributed for administrative costs, and the remaining 12% supports fundraising efforts generating about $2.5 million each year.

How will I know CAHS has received my gift?

If you send a gift through the mail or hand in a donation at the shelter or an event, within a few weeks you will receive a tax letter. If you give a gift online, you will receive a tax letter sent electronically within minutes.

What is your federal tax ID number?

CAHS Federal EIN: 38-1601542

Which programs and services are funded by my donations?

All of them! We utilize donations wherever our needs are the greatest. They help us fund many programs and services such as adoptions, obedience classes, humane education, spaying/neutering of shelter animals, and many more.

Do you sell my personal information or share it with any other organizations?

Never. Your personal information is not sold or exchanged with any other organization.

Can I change my mailing schedule?

Absolutely! We are happy to meet your request as a donor. Please call Jamie Matwiczyk at (517) 626-6060 ext. 120 or email Jamie.

Do you offer tours of your shelter?

We love to host tours and show you how your donations are put to use for the benefit of animals. Call or email Jamie at (517) 626-6060 ext. 120 or [email protected] to set-up your behind-the-scenes visit.