To promote the humane treatment of companion animals through protection, placement, education, and example.


Capital Area Humane Society envisions a community that values the human-animal bond and where all animals are healthy and safe.

Is CAHS associated with any other organization?

No. CAHS is a local and independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Though we do share a common name, “Humane Society”, it is a descriptor of the services we provide and not an indication of any affiliation. We are not a part of any regional, statewide, or national organization.

How does CAHS differ from Animal Control?

CAHS is not a government agency and we receive zero dollars through tax funding. We serve the greater mid-Michigan region and are not bound by county lines. As well, we are a surrender-only facility.

What is your federal tax ID number?

CAHS Federal EIN: 38-1601542

Does CAHS take a stand on hunting or on animals related to agriculture?

Our mission since 1936 has been to serve companion animals. We respectfully defer to other entities in providing oversight, guidance and support for non-companion animal populations.