4-18-24: Due to increased demand caused by kitten season, we currently have a waitlist for this program. 

We can help end cat overpopulation by spaying and neutering. We can also boost the cats’ overall health levels by supplying the basic vaccines they so desperately need.

We have a choice…
Let’s not ignore the forgotten and help those truly at risk.

Follow these steps to use the CAHS Community Cat Program
(DO NOT trap any cats until you are approved – we cannot take your trapped cat immediately)

1. Is my cat a “Community Cat”? Community cats are unowned cats that live outdoors. Barn cats you have procured are not considered Community cats.
2. Do these cats reside in Ingham, Eaton, or Clinton counties? If yes, please proceed.
3. Please read CAT TRAPPING BASICS and learn what it will take to live trap cats.
4. Learn how our program works by READING THIS.
5. Next, please fill out our Needs Assessment Form

Once you have filled out this form, you will be contacted within 3 business days via email. Please check your email regularly so that you do not miss our first communication with you.

How the CAHS Community Cat Program helps:
• Free use of our live traps.
• Instruction from our trained staff on how to trap safely and quickly.
• Free spay/neuter for your community cats (feral/free-roaming).
• Free vaccines: rabies, FVRCP vaccine.
• Free ear tipping (ear tipping is mandatory). Not sure what ear tipping is? Click HERE to learn!
• Other emergency medical needs.
• Support during the trapping process. We are available by phone and email. We will provide you with literature and guide you through the process. We’ll be there to help with any issues you may encounter.
• If you end up with friendly cats or kittens, we will work with you to determine what options are available.

We cannot rehome your feral/unhandleable cats. The “R” in TNR stands for RETURN. This means you should RETURN the cat to where it came from. It is a crucial part of the process. Click to learn about the Vacuum Effect and why it is so important. If you have a special set of circumstances, please be sure to let us know.

If you are looking for humane ways to deter free-roaming cats from your property, car, or garden, we have many great ideas. Please view this brochure titled “Living With Community Cats” for humane answers.

Donating To The Community Cat Program

Did you use our program and want to give back to help other free-roaming cats in the area?
Or, do you just love cats and want to help community cats live healthier lives?

We accept donations year-round to continue the Community Cat Program.

Donate Online:  https://weblink.donorperfect.com/CommunityCatFund

Send a check or money order:
(Please make check out to CAHS, add “Community Cat Program” in the memo line.)

CAHS Spay & Neuter Clinic
Community Cat Fund
5919 South Cedar Street
Lansing, MI 48911