What do I need to bring with me to adopt?

  • Government-issued ID
  • Cash or a credit card to pay for your adoption fee(s) and optional supplies
  • A carrier for your adopted cat or a leash for your adopted dog. (available for sale)

Can I put an animal on hold and adopt at a later date?

No. Animals are only put on hold by CAHS staff (such as a required pet or child interaction). We know it’s a big decision, but 1 in every 4 people who visits the shelter will leave with a new pet. We never want to postpone an animal going home. An animal is adopted every 33 minutes we’re open!

Can I bring my dog/cat to the shelter to meet a potential new pet?

Cats: No. Dogs: Yes, but not required.

The shelter environment is highly stressful for all animals; and especially so for cats. Interactions observed in the shelter don’t accurately predict what will occur in a home. However, if it makes you more comfortable, you are welcome to bring in your dog for an interaction.

If your animals need homes, why do you charge adoption fees?

Our average cost per animal that is adopted into a home is $390. This amount does not include costs for administration and fundraising. Our average adoption fee is less than $90 per animal and we use these fees to help pay for critical services to save and house homeless animals.

If I adopt and it doesn’t work out, what are my options?

We have many resources to help pets successfully join your home and for addressing behavior concerns. We do not offer refunds on adoption fees, but we may offer an exchange for a better life-long match.

If the adoption is still not a fit after seeking help, our adoption contracts require you bring the pet back to CAHS instead of re-homing an animal on your own. You must make an appointment to surrender the pet to CAHS. Returning an animal does not automatically disqualify you for a future adoption.

Do you place time limits on the animals in your care?

No! All animals you see online and in the shelter are up for adoption until they find a home. We commit every resource we can for as long as it takes. The average stay for a dog is 11.6 days and 18.5 days for a cat.