The Capital Area Humane Society takes in hundreds of cats from the Greater Lansing area each year. Some cats have never lived indoors or have had very limited interactions with people. We may end up with cats in our care that struggle to adjust to the shelter environment, and are difficult for staff and volunteers to handle, or are unfriendly with humans. The lives of these cats are just as important to CAHS as any other animal. We have developed an outdoor barn cat adoption program, for cats already in our care, who would not do well living indoors as family pets. This adoption program still requires that the cats are humanely treated, spayed/neutered, sheltered and fed, and that they receive routine veterinary care.

Please note: This program is for cats already in our care. CAHS does not take in feral cats for the purpose of being placed into our barn cat adoption program. If you have outdoor/feral cats that need to be fixed, please contact our Spay & Neuter Clinic at (517) 908-0756.

Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting a barn cat or have additional questions regarding this program, please contact us at [email protected].