• We will give you a list of specific days you can bring cats in to us for surgery (usually 1 or two days per week)
  • You will be allowed to bring us a maximum of TWO cats per surgery day
  • When you pick up traps from the Spay & Neuter clinic, we will teach you how to trap on our schedule and not when the cat just happens to wander into the trap
  • Drop off is at 7:30 am at the CAHS Spay & Neuter Clinic (5919 S. Cedar St)
  • Pick up is the same day at 3:00 pm
  • You should be trapping cats the night PRIOR to surgery as they should not have food after midnight
  • Do NOT leave live traps set overnight for the safety of the cats. This will prevent you from trapping wildlife like skunks, raccoons and opossums
  • Always cover your live traps when you have a cat inside. Cover them to transport and cover them at all times. This helps to lower stress levels.
  • CLICK HERE to learn how to care for your feral cat after surgery

Live trapping is easier than most think. If you follow our instruction and are persistent, you will always get your cat.  If you end up with tough to trap cats, we are here to help guide you with tips and tricks to get the trap savvy cats.

Tru catch trap



We use Trucatch traps exclusively!