Sponsor an Event
Increase the visibility of your business while supporting a well-known and well-loved brand. Partner with CAHS! It’s good for the animals and for business!

Here are a few ideas on how you can partner with CAHS:

  • Any business: Sponsor a CAHS event, such as our Fur Ball Gala or Walk for the Animals.
  • Any business: Hold a penny war! Dogs vs. Cats, where staff can add to their team’s score by adding pennies, or sabotage the other team by adding silver or paper money to their jar.
  • Any business: Run a paid “Jeans Day” or “Ugly Holiday Sweater Day”, where all employees can wear jeans or ugly sweaters if they make a donation to the animals at CAHS!
  • Any business: Parking spot auction – exactly what it sounds like! Auction off the prime parking spots to raise money for the animals.
  • Any business: Cutest Pet Contest – have staff members post photos of their pets with a cup underneath, and everyone “votes” by adding change to the cups!
  • Any business: Host a Donation/Food Drive – see our Wish List for ideas.
  • Any business: Place one of our donation banks at your business.
  • For restaurants: Hold a Dine-to-Donate event to benefit CAHS.
  • For retailers: Donate a % of sales back to CAHS for certain products for a specific date or time period.